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Quinsight Company Vision

Quinsight empowers older adults to thrive using optimized technology, tailored training and user-friendly support. 

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Quinsight conducts turnkey implementation, maintenance, and training support services for computer devices that are purchased or provided to older adults. We support Chromebooks, Windows 10, Apple/iOS and Android devices. Our goal is that older adults are able to use these devices to empower themselves and be more connected to their community and support network.

Quinsight, LLC received a $50,000 RFP-award from Boulder County Area Agency on Agency (BCAAA) in December 2020 to conduct implementation and training for older adults in my community.  This award was renewed in December 2021. As of July 2022, Quinsight has installed just over 150 computer devices (mostly Chromebooks) for age 60+ adults. We have provided training and consulting services to these clients and other Boulder County older adult clients.

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There is a universe of wonderful content to empower older adults to continue to thrive using their background and vast knowledge. Quinsight will help navigate these resources and connect our customers to any content they would like to access.


Many people we work with are educated, intelligent and have many years of expertise in their given fields and interests. They might not be so agile on computers to access information. We provided a tailored experience to clients to close that gap and make the world of online content available to each client.

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Do you or an older adult in your life need our services? Message us today.

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