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Lucy Kuchta - Founder and Owner     My days are spent with older adult clients I love, doing work that allows me to thrive and grow at my company Quinsight. Quinsight implements, trains, and supports older adults on Chromebooks, Windows 10 and Apple computer devices. Every client engagement is tailored to our customer's unique desires and requirements. We use a variety of Internet services to obtain connectivity. Our clients are awesome – they want to connect, communicate and learn about all topics under the sun on their new computers. We talk, laugh and engage in interactive, touching experiences during our training and support sessions.

In 2016, after many successful years doing corporate consulting, I launched my dream career – working with older adults and technology, also known as Gerontechnology. To obtain experience, I worked at two wonderful companies, CapTel and CarePredict. At both companies, I had the opportunity to work with many older adults and train them how to use leading-edge technologies that enhance their lives. In parallel to this work and often doing homework on airplanes, I completed a graduate certificate in Gerontology at the University of Northern Colorado. My research focus was interactive technology for older adults. These experiences solidified my love of Gerontechnology.

After traveling to senior care facilities throughout the US and Canada with CarePredict for several years, COVID-19 hit, causing many challenges for older adults. With its onset, I knew my heart lay in helping older adults in my own community. I launched Quinsight to empower older adults to thrive using optimized computer technology, tailored training, and user-friendly support. After conducting several pilot projects with CircleTalk, Tech to Connect and the City of Boulder, Quinsight received a $50,000 RFP-based award from Boulder County Area Agency on Agency in December 2020 to conduct computer implementation and training for older adults in my community. We also support the City of Longmont.

My husband Rob and I volunteer on Cultivate's Fix-It team to help older adults to stay in their residences of choice. I am a founding member of Tech to Connect, an organization that obtains donated Apple iPads and provides them to low-income older adults. I joined the board of the Boulder County Aging Services Foundation in January 2022.  

When I am not working with older adults, I am an avid tennis player, an insatiable consumer of historical fiction books and love taking long walks in new destinations. I also play duplicate bridge in several bridge clubs.

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